Windows Server 2022 Device CALs

Cores and CALs are both part of the licensing scheme for Windows Server 2022. For access to the licensed server, each user or device has to have a Windows Server CAL or a Windows Server and RDS CAL.
A Windows Server CAL is required for any user and device accessing a licensed instance of Windows Server 2022, whether it be the Standard, Datacenter, or Multipoint edition. In this instance, the user needs a Device User CAL in order to access the server using a device from anywhere.

Product Description

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Windows Server 2022 Standard RDS – Device CALs lifetime License Key code.
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All instructions on how to activate your Windows Server RDS CALs with steps.
Regardless of the number of users who use a certain device to access the server, you must purchase a Device CAL for each one. If your organisation employs staff who share devices, for instance, throughout various work shifts, device CALs might be more practical and manageable.